Dog Day Care

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Paws Claws N’ Tails Dog Day Care is a facility built with your pets in mind.  Your dog no longer has to spend time alone if you are busy at work or shopping.  Interaction with other dogs refines social skills and encourages self confidence.  Daytime activities help eliminate boredom, separation anxiety and stress which are often the cause of many unwanted behavioral issues.  Your pet will be exhausted when their play day is over, so have a comfy blanket on hand for the car ride home!

Our dog day care includes:

  • Spacious, clean and safe environment;
  • Climate control system and air filtration;
  • In floor heating;
  • Fire alarm system;
  • Automatic water feeders;
  • Large and small dogs are separated and each have access to a large outdoor play area as well as the indoor area; and,
  • Furniture, toys and TV for your dog’s viewing enjoyment.

DROP OFF AND PICK-UP: see our business hours and holidays under the "Before you come" tab.

Note: business hours are subject to change.

Late Pickup Fees for Day Care Pets:  Unless otherwise arranged between P C N’ T and the client, a late fee of $10.00 will be charged if pickup is more than 15 minutes after closing time.  If the owner or certified representative have not picked their dog by 1 hour after closing and no phone call or arrangement has been discussed then PCT reserves the right to board the dog/cat overnight in any suite that is available at owners expense

If dropping off your dog at day care, stop by the office to register before going to the day care building. 

Dog Daycare Rates: Please see our rates page for current daily prices and special package deals.

Note:  All prices are subject to change at the discretion of Paws Claws N Tails.  Reduced rates for more than one pet apply to same family pets only.

See the Before You Come section before bringing your dog to the Day Care.

Large outdoor yards on each side of the daycare