Paws Claws N’ Tails can provide pet transport service for our Day Care and Kennel guests.

Pet transport will be by pre-arranged appointment only. Please book your pets spot on the bus ahead of time.

Pet pick-up and delivery is available at designated locations and at personal residence Monday through Friday. Transport is unavailable on weekends and holidays. PCT reserves the right to cancel all pick-ups and drop-offs due to dangerous weather conditions.

Pick-ups are between 7:00 am and 9:00 am. Drop offs are between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Timings will vary due to road conditions, weather and if transport has become unserviceable (flat tire, etc).

1.CANEX parking lot at 15 Wing Moose Jaw.07:00 am05:15 pm
2.Bussey Park, Lillooet St W, Bert Hunt Arena parking lot.07:20 am05:25 pm
3.Elks Athletic Field parking lot. 16th Ave NW and Caribou St West.07:45 am05:50 pm
4.Tourism and Information parking lot. 450 Diefenbaker Dr. Across from Tim Horton’s08:05 am06:10 pm

Note: To maintain the scheduled route each stop will be for 10 minutes only. If you are not there the driver will have to continue on the route. In the event that transport is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances please call PCT at 306-693-0310 for an update.

Personal Residence: In the event that the shuttle is not overly busy it may be possible to arrange pick-up and drop-off at your personal residence. If you would like this service please understand that you may have to revert to the regularly scheduled locations if the van becomes too busy. There is an additional fee for transport to and from your personal residence.

See PCT Rates page for transport prices.

It’s easy to reserve transportation, let us know by phone the day before or earlier if you need pick-up, round trip or drop-off service. This will ensure that your pet will have a space available. Please ensure that your pet is pre-registered prior to booking or meeting transport.

The driver does not have a debit machine. All transport will be paid in cash to the driver, or over the phone with your booking.

Transport is not available on weekends or holidays.