2021 PCT Inc Prices

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit Cards, Cash, and cheques.

As of 01 September 2021 there will be a small price increase on some of our services. Price changes are due to increases in our operating costs.


Dog Boarding Rates



Single Dog


2nd Dog, same kennel


3rd Dog, same kennel


1 Dog, 1 Cat (separate accommodation)


 Optional Daycare Use:  While boarding you have the option of having your dog play in the daycare.  You can have your dog play in the daycare every day, every other day, or any way you see fit. There is an additional fee of $7.00 per day spent in the daycare.


Cat Boarding Rates 



Single Cat


2nd Cat, same cabin


1 Cat, 1 Dog (separate accommodation)



PCT Pet Transport Rates:

Basic rates are for pick-up and drop-off at the common sites in Moose Jaw




1 x pet 1 way (Not Home)



1 x pet both ways (Not Home)


1 x pet 1 way (Home) 9.00
1 x pet 2 way (Home) 11.50
Add a Pet 2.00 per Dog Added on

If transportation to and from a local veterinarian is required a fee will be charged dependent on the length of time the driver is away from the kennel.

 Dog Daycare Rates

Half day


Single Dog





Full day


Single Dog




Scheduled Daycare Days (Per Week)

1 Dog x 1 Day   88.00
1 Dog x 2 Days  176.00
1 Dog x 3 Days 264.00
2 Dogs x 1 Day 136.00
2 Dogs x 2 Days 272.00
2 Dogs x 3 Days 408.00
3 Dogs x 1 Day 160.00
3 Dogs x 2 Days 320.00
3 Dogs x 3 Days 480.00


 Pop In Pass

1 Dog 5 Day Pass  120.00
2 Dogs 5 Day Pass 185.00
3 Dogs 5 Day Pass 230.00


PCT Grooming Prices



Nail Trimming


Nail Dremeling


Ear Cleaning



Baths, de-sheds, shaves, trims and many other pet grooming services are available.  Grooming price is dependent on the amount of time required, pet attitude, and the difficulty of the groom.  The price will be set upon the completion of the groom.



Medication Rates for single pet



1 night

$ 6.50

2 – 5 nights

$ 12.50

6-13 nights

$ 16.50

14 – 20 nights

$ 22.00


Late/early/holiday Pickup and Drop-off  Fees for Pets:  If arranged between PCT and the client, a fee of $12.00 ($12.60 w/ GST) will be charged.  If the owner or certified representative have not made arrangements with PCT then PCT reserves the right to board the pet overnight at the owner’s expense.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit Cards and Cash and cheques.

Note:  All prices are subject to change at the discretion of Paws Claws N Tails Inc.  Reduced rates for more than one pet apply to same family pets only.